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David Pinkley David Pinkley, CEO and Chief Hiring Strategist
The Hiring Sage, LLC
The Hiring Sage. Hiring Wisdom When You Need It.

You need to be proactive about hiring because your business depends on it. But other priorities leave you with little time. The Hiring Sage is a team of hiring strategists. We will help your company compete more effectively in the talent market.

Wise Advice to Capture Your Hidden Prey.

The war for talent has arrived. Permanently. Great hires are elusive but regardless of your past experiences your company can successfully hunt hidden prey in the talent market. what we do

The Owl

Like an owl, The Hiring Sage is an experienced hunter of prey. You can expect:

  • Vision - foresight to where to hunt.
  • Focus - quick recognition of targeted prey.
  • Wisdom - quality decision making that comes from the trained eye of experience.
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